People from all ages and all strata have many idea about every thing nowadays. Every people assert something and unfortunatelly, some of them are share these doubtful informations with other people. This is because, there is an essential thing about sources; ” reliability of information ”

Today, Thanks to Vinton Cerf, Lawrence Roberts, Leonard Kleinrock and Robert Kahn, we all have a good friend which is our best helper to search and support something! ” the Internet ”. Thanks to the Internet, we can almost do everything. Especially sharing information at this international platform and learning something from this huge source are one of the most essential benefits of Web. However, there is one more important point about it. ” How reliable is Internet’s information ? ”
The Internet is an amazing environment which has millions of written and visual knowledge. People share something in every passing second. Besides, when we study, there are some issues which need to take into consideration such as scientific researchs. In this situation, using strong sources to search or support our studies is one of the most required things for us because every knowledge should be certain and verified in this kind of researchs. Also, if we consider changefulness of information’s validity, we can realize that sources’ currency as important as their trueness. So, radical sources’ current articles and established societies are best helper for all researchers. They care about their dignity and they don’t want to lose their reputations. This goal is beneficial for both sides because thanks to it, all knowledge are stay up to date and when researchers get benefit from them, it makes their studies knowledge-based. In addition to these, when people see that researchers used these sources to give reference, it allows her/his researchs to look believable. Besides, it provide them to be taken seriously and probably seriousness is the most necessery point.

All in all, life can changes everything and nothing is stabile. Every knowledge need to be updated so we should never forget the importance of validity and reliableness for demonstrate.

Helin Azizoglu



How family meals can stop eating disorders ?

This text allows us to realize importance of family at dining table. Also, thanks to studies we can understand that foods which eat by teens with their families makes their food habits regular and this regularity prevents some illnesses which happen because of eating disorders. In short, this text can be beneficial for families to regulate their children’s food habits and protect them to have eating disorders.

The two-baby family makes a comeback

This text shows us population increase in England. Thanks to studies, we understand that born rate -out of wedlock- has been increasing. Also, studies allow us to see that compared to 70’s , there is a big raise now and immigrants are one of the main reasons.
My opinion for this text is there are too many numeric data and this is too much for newspaper article. It prevented fluency and it made report boring.


Eating disorders are psychological illnesses and they happen because of abnormal eating habits.

Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia nervosa are the most common eating disorders. Both are serious mental health problems and they are more common among women.

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by immoderate food restriction.*
People who have anorexia are obsessed to have a thin figure, and they are too much afraid of weight gain.

Bulimia is an eating disorder in which the person regularly binge-eats. It cause attacks and during these attacks, person eats too much and then tries to compensate for that behavior by over-exercising and purging by vomiting or s/he uses laxatives. Person can tries these two way at the same time.

The most significant points about these ilnesses is age of the disease. They show up at the early ages so especially teens’s which are obsessed to lose weight mental healths should be brought under control by psychologists or psychiatrists.


Helin Azizoglu


1- There are too many inconsistencies in the article.
Firstly, The article’s headline says that one in four Britons will get cancer but after headline, article says that MORE than one in four Britons will get cancer. Also, the third paragraph says that figures obtained by Macmillan Cancer Support show 42 per cent of us will develop cancer, if it will be, the article should say that when it happens, but there is no information about this. In addition to this, if 42 per cent of Britons will develop cancer, why the headline says ” one in four ” ? Besides, the 6th paragraph says that there are currently two million people in Britain with the illness and this is excepted to double within the next 20 years.However, there is no supporting information about this claim. If one in four Britons will get cancer; there will 16 million people with cancer within 2074. ( We say it this much certain because population growth rate is almost stabile in U.K. *) Due to text did not give us more explanatory information like this, 6th paragraph seems pretty nonfoundational.


a)More than one in four Britons will get cancer.
b) Figures obtained by Macmillan cancer support show 42 per cent of us will develop cancer.
c) Some 64 per cent of sufferers will eventually die from it.
d) There will be four million people that have cancer in next 20 years.

2-B) There are no claim which justified the article.

3- We have no assumptions from our own general knowledge about this topic.

4- Living longer can cause more cancer because getting cancer is a probability. When people live longer , they have more risk. Also, Naturality be damaged day by day. Foods which are genetically modified and especially electronic apparatus and appliances threaten our health .

5- Due to increasing proportion of the population having cancer, scientist can be more motivated to find solution for cancer.

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” Ishango Bone & Lebombo Bone ”

Ishango_bone The piece of our life and probably mother of all siences : ” Mathematichs ” . Mathematichs is one of the most important artifacts which has been trying to develop by people for life. It allows people to understand life and it makes many things more comprehensible. Most people think that numbers are the most essential part of math. However , today form of numbers don’t date back to old times. We have two objects at the present time which make us think about them : ” Ishango Bone & Lebombo BoneLebombo is the bone of a baboon which belong to prehistory. People think that it is the oldest object about history of math.  Also, we have Ishango Bone. It dated to the upper paleolithic era. Ishango Bone is the bone of a baboon and it has many notches like a Lebombo bone, but it’s notches are more regular than Lebombo’s. Due to this combination, people believe that this special notches used to show numbers. Today, despite these ideas, there is no certain information about them. 1- What were this bones for ? These bones were for people to calculate something. 2- What evidence is there for this ? These bones been used by people because bones have notches and some of them are regular. Only humans can do it. 3- Do you think these bones belonged to men or to women ? No idea. 4- Do you think these bones belonged to old or young people ? No idea. 5- Why might the above two questions be inapproprite questions to ask ? Firstly, the words woman and man are used for human and bones belonged to baboon so this question sounds weird. Beside this, it is not important that bones belonged to male or female baboon here. Our topic is meaning of notches. 6- Can you suggest how some object in our modern life that might be misinterpreted if dug up in 20,000 years time.     Cannon ball can be misinterpreted. 20,000 years later , people cannot know the wars and they can think that this ball used to play by people such as children or footballer.