People from all ages and all strata have many idea about every thing nowadays. Every people assert something and unfortunatelly, some of them are share these doubtful informations with other people. This is because, there is an essential thing about sources; ” reliability of information ”

Today, Thanks to Vinton Cerf, Lawrence Roberts, Leonard Kleinrock and Robert Kahn, we all have a good friend which is our best helper to search and support something! ” the Internet ”. Thanks to the Internet, we can almost do everything. Especially sharing information at this international platform and learning something from this huge source are one of the most essential benefits of Web. However, there is one more important point about it. ” How reliable is Internet’s information ? ”
The Internet is an amazing environment which has millions of written and visual knowledge. People share something in every passing second. Besides, when we study, there are some issues which need to take into consideration such as scientific researchs. In this situation, using strong sources to search or support our studies is one of the most required things for us because every knowledge should be certain and verified in this kind of researchs. Also, if we consider changefulness of information’s validity, we can realize that sources’ currency as important as their trueness. So, radical sources’ current articles and established societies are best helper for all researchers. They care about their dignity and they don’t want to lose their reputations. This goal is beneficial for both sides because thanks to it, all knowledge are stay up to date and when researchers get benefit from them, it makes their studies knowledge-based. In addition to these, when people see that researchers used these sources to give reference, it allows her/his researchs to look believable. Besides, it provide them to be taken seriously and probably seriousness is the most necessery point.

All in all, life can changes everything and nothing is stabile. Every knowledge need to be updated so we should never forget the importance of validity and reliableness for demonstrate.

Helin Azizoglu

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